Ministry to Silenced Women is a Christian ministry set up to encourage women to fulfil their God-given calling alongside men, by providing Biblical teaching which shows that God calls both men and women to work alongside each other for the sake of the Gospel.

This teaching, including text and video lessons, covers passages in the Old Testament starting with the Creation Account, and explains some of the more challenging passages from the New Testament relating to the role of women. Where helpful, cultural background information has been provided. Furthermore, this ministry provides foundational Bible study material to those who long to be used by God but do not have the opportunity to attend a Bible School program.

Please click the thumbnail pictures below to view my teaching videos on YouTube, or click the title below the picture to watch the lesson on this site.
                                     GOD'S PERFECT DESIGN

                                        God's Perfect Design Part 2   

                                         THE BOOK OF ACTS              
https://sites.google.com/a/ministryto-silencedwomen.com/ministry-to-silenced-women/home/vlcsnap-2016-03-29-17h54m26s577.jpg?attredirects=0                            https://youtu.be/dd11T0uko8M
A Walk Through the Book of Acts                            


                                  From The Pit To The Palace    

God Means It For Good                                                         The Long Journey Home

One Sling Shot Will Do                                                          Only A Little Flour And Oil 

https://sites.google.com/a/ministryto-silencedwomen.com/ministry-to-silenced-women/home/vlcsnap-2016-03-27-13h18m32s847.jpghttps://youtu.be/iqmgLoG4TxUThe Runaway Prophet                                                    An Instrument For Healing

https://youtu.be/ax9OUzlFCgkBorn For Such A Time As This                                                      Far From Home