The bible study material covers the following subjects:

Lesson I                Introduction

Lesson II A            The Godhead

Lesson II B            Angels

Lesson II C            The Creation of the Man and the Woman

Lesson II D            The Fall

Lesson III A           Humanity’s Sinfulness

Lesson III B          God’s Plan of Redemption

Lesson III C          The Kingdom of God

Lesson III D          Justification

Lesson III E          The Second Adam (Part 1)

Lesson III F          The Second Adam (Part 2)

Lesson III G          Symbolic Language Used for the Lord Jesus Christ

Lesson III H          The Supremacy of Christ

Lesson IV A          Baptism in Water

Lesson IV B          Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Lesson IV C         The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Lesson IV D         The Fruit of the Spirit

Lesson V A          The Believer’s Position in Christ

Lesson V B          The Responsibility of the Believer

Lesson V C          The Authority of the Believer

Lesson V D          All Kinds of Prayer

Lesson VI A         The Church

Lesson VI B         Heaven And Hell

Lesson VI C         The Second Coming of Christ

Lesson VI D         Israel