The Philippines

One day, a pastor from the Philippines contacted me via my website and invited me to speak at a conference he was organising for the women in the churches he had planted. That took place in 2006, and I taught on the role of women in the church, as well as in the home. I returned to the Philippines in February 2007 and every year since, and have had the opportunity to teach pastors and their wives on Biblical equality for men and women. Sometimes, this teaching has raised the cultural issue of the male macho image which, at the conference in February 2010, was repented of before the Lord, so that both men and women can truly be set free to serve the Lord alongside one another, for the sake of the Gospel.View More

Usually, I am invited to speak at outreach meetings, where we see many people come to Christ in response to the Gospel message preached.                                                            View MoreIn February 2011, I ministered in a town called San Nicolas, in the Pangasinan province of the Philippines. I taught at a Couples Conference, which was very well attended. Once again, the topic was Biblical Equality for men and women. View MoreFurthermore, I spoke at an outreach meeting which was attended by people from the town as well as the surrounding villages. Many people responded to the Gospel message by coming forward to make a commitment to follow Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.                                                                                                         View More                                                  In February 2012, I returned once again to the Philippines.This time I ministered in a town called San Manuel. We held a one-day seminar on Biblical Equality for men and women,which was well attended.View More 

An outreach meeting had been organised as well. Many people attended and were very responsive to the gospel message preached.                                                         View More